Monday, October 25, 2010

Western Regionals

Here are some general pixs of the Western the next few days, I will post a lot more pixs...I took some of Bob and Rochelle's runs.....I only get to see them once or maybe twice a year. They are dear friends of mine and I love hanging out with them. Bob was the only guy so he had to deal with Rochelle, my friend  and me for the weekend. We asked him to help us with guy chores and he did it quite graciously. He acts all gruff-like but he is really a soft marshmellow to his dogs. I know for a fact that I will bopped by Bob the next time he sees me since I posted that he is a softie. He lets Koko sleep on his bed  on the memory foam and he spoils the dogs a lot. So does Rochelle.

My friend  and I drove down to the Western Regionals where we picked up Rochelle on the way down.  We set up our trailers near each other and the fun began. Ben is now owned by Bob and Rochelle (he is a son of Tess and Scott) and they also have Koko and Kira from me.

Hub was our judge. He flew in from Texas and brought us the warm weather. He judged 50 runs of Open for two trials and then the Double Lift.

The Handler's tent. They went all out to make  this a classy trial.It was a blast....sad to say, my dogs sucked but I had a good time.

View from the sidelines. They had vendor as well as hot food. Range ewes, big course and nice weather. What a good way to start a ten day road trip.

 I named my truck, "Berta", the GPS was "Gertie" and the Outback trailer was "Beatrice"

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