Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vashon Island General Photos

Over the next few days, I will be posting photos from the  Vashon Island trial. They will be making this an annual event, so mark it on your calendars. Many years ago, Tess won her first Novice class at Vashon. With the payback, we got three steaks, one for Getty and I and one for Tess. Tess hit the mother lode. Something about this island makes it special and near and dear to my heart. I met Bill Devoe, Maggi McClure, Elizabeth Anderson, Laura Vishoot, Ken Johnson, to name a few, some are still on the island. I remember the delicious dinners we had on Saturday night and that is where I first met Bob Dias. We became fast friends that weekend.

The spectators had wonderful views. It was quite crowded and I think most of the island showed up. They had "sponsor a dog and handler" to support PIE (Partners In Education) to help the schools. Be sure to sponsor a team next year.

 Linda had her tent trailer set up so you could see your scores quickly. She has been great in keeping the scores updated for us!

 Cheryl and Heather before their runs.

The outrun for Open was over 400 yards. The hills were very rolling and tend to suck your dog inwards. It proved to be the bane of many dogs who crossed. Toss in numerous swales and draws and it was tough, tough, tough!

Add ornery, tough range ewes and suddenly you have a awesome and challenging trial.  Not often you will get range ewes and they brought them in for this trial and it was great. I hope they do that next year. The ewes made short work of weak dogs.

One of the many postcard views on the field. They had lines of trees all over and it was like being in heaven.

Laura Vishoot was the PN and Novice Judge.  When I first was trialing, she made a point of making me feel at ease. I was a Novice but she was so kind and generous to the upcoming handlers. She still is as kind now as she was many years ago.

Maggi McClure and Bill DeVoe. Bill was the Course Director and he was very efficient. He was very kind to me when I first started. It was good to see him again. Maggi poured her heart and soul to make this trial happen and words can not express our gratitude. Maggi- we all love you and thank you for bringing back the Vashon Island Trial. You are a rock star!

Tomorrow- Novice and PN

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