Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Western Regionals - Koko - Open

Once again, Rochelle and DeltaBluez Koko are the featured blog. I saw them in August and it was a real delight to see them again in October. We all hung out for the weekend and had a blast. Rochelle has been doing quite well with Koko.

Rochelle and Koko at the post.

On the fetch!
Koko is a beautiful dog and has no issues in moving anything.
I love the detail in this pix.
I love the tongue.

She had no issue on the drive.

Move along and so they did.

You can't outrun a little red dog.
Setting up for the shed.

Rochelle calls her and she darts in at full speed.

Faster than a speeding bullet.
A real shedding guru!

Making the sheep go away from the others.

Then they got the pen. Their runs at the Regionals combined made it possible to be in the Double Lift. They are a great team and a very competitive one......I root for them all the time. In a couple of days, I will do their Double Lift run.

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