Sunday, October 17, 2010

Western Regionals- Double LIft

Bill Orr and Boone won first place, Reserve went to Geri and Dan. Third was Rochelle Stanford and DeltaBluez Koko and fourth was Lynn Jonhston and Jesse. Lora Withnell and Sally placed fifth. (they had won on Saturday with a stunning score of 90) I forgot the rest of the scores. It was very well laid out and the lambs moved nicely. The first outrun was 450 yards and the second was about 500 yards. The weather was sunny but not too hot. Thirty minutes for the course. I took some pixs but haven't downloaded them.

We pulled out at 4ish to head south for a few days before going to the Fire Ridge Trial. The weather should be in the low 60s but cold at night. We start on Th and end with a Double Lift on Sunday. Then it is home back to work. After ten days on the road, we will be ready to head for home.

I hope to have pixs up in the next few days.

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