Thursday, October 14, 2010

On the road again....

A friend and I are leaving today to go on a eleven day road trip. First up is the Western Regional's and then Fire Ridge. Roo and Nan are running at Regionals and Fire Ridge. In addition, I am judging Novice, Nursery and PN at Fire ridge.
Last week, I was hit by a lady who turned onto the street that I was sitting at the stop sign. She was going quite fast and gunned her SUV to beat the oncoming car and ran head on to my car. She clipped the driver's front side, and the bumper, headlight and  panel are busted up as well as the steering or alignment. My neck has torn ligaments, severe whiplash, my backbone is all twisted and my tailbone is messed other word, I was banged up a lot.

The Law of Physics = large, heavy object going at fast rate of speed, hits a small plastic object that is stationary, transfers all energy onto the small object. My car was knocked over five feet backwards. There was a truck behind me that I missed hitting. Those guys are my witnesses. Not only, she didn't look to see if I was there, as well as hitting me, she also got a ticket  for driving on the left hand side of the road. Her insurance company, Safeco after 6 days, finally came out to see my car to give me an estimate. Their adjuster left a message and I called back twice and she hasn't called me back and it has been a week. Plus they refuse to give me a rental until I talk to their adjuster. I think the week delay of their adjust is just plain rude. I will try to call her back again or perhaps call my insurance company and ask them to help. Farmers is my insurance and they were very helpful in getting me lined up to go to the Doctor and so forth. Kudos to Farmers Insurance.

So needless to say, driving is out for me and my friend will be doing the driving. At this point, I can't lift more than a cup of coffee or bend over. My neck is in severe pain and I have a hard time I think my recovery will be a while. Just as I was getting all squared away from my frozen shoulder, this happens!! I am so mad at the lady who hit me as well as the non-responsive Safeco Insurance.

Anyways, we are off to a big adventure and I need the time off. I went to work one day and by the time I got home, I was in so much pain, I went to bed. This trip, I will get to sleep while my friend drives. We will meet Bob and Rochelle and no doubt we will have Bob save the day by helping us on the trip. .

I'll try to blog when I can but no promises.


BCxFour said...

Thank goodness things were not worse & you will be okay...eventually!!!! I almost inhaled my coffee reading this. Some people should not be allowed on the road. See you at Fire Ridge.

Jim Kling said...

Geez! Glad to hear you're well enough to travel and compete, at least. Good luck at the trials!

gvmama said...

I'm glad Tierney is able to help you out. Take good care of yourself. Enjoy judging. Have as much fun as you can considering the circumstances.