Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nan at Vashon Island

Nan has a heart of gold. She loves to please me, although it usually is at warp speed. Her downs were three steps later which killed us on the drive. We worked on a better down this week at home. She is getting a lot more confident on tough sheep and likes to come on hard to them. On her outrun, I let her go and then let her lift without any commands. Normally I down her at the top then give her a walk up, but I have been working on her to feel the sheep and lift on her own. She will down if I tell her though. So, she has wonderful outruns and a nice lift, then came on hard about 20 feet after the lift which caused the sheep to scatter. We got them back and then online.

On the fetch.

Turn at the post. She had to go wide to cover them from going over the hill.

We botched the drive, namely the blind crossdrive. She had a sweet shed.

She was one of the few to get the pen on both days.

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