Friday, October 22, 2010

Fire Ridge Trial

Well, I just downloaded close to 900 pixs from the last week. Then I only edited one of them. This one as you can tell. Next week when I have more time, I will do Regionals, then our vactaion then Fire Ridge.

This the the coolest Fire ridge Sign that Karen Mahoney made for Melinda. Notice the bottles of wine and canned veggies.  Leaving wine out with me around is not a good idea....I love a good Cab or Merlot.

The Open Class is about 63 dogs, spread over Th and Friday. Then the second Open is Friday afternoon and on Sat. The Double Lift is on Sunday. As of now, I might get in with Roo, so keep your finger crossed for us. Nan, with her combined scores, is out of the running.

The first Open field was a rolling field that played havoc with the dogs. Send to the away and they crossed over at the fetch to went over the road. Send to the right and they would disappear over the hill to the set out. First day was won by Lavon and Tess. Bob and Rock had tied for first place but they had a runoff and Lavon won. Both had tied at 81 and were nice runs. Nan got 68 and Roo got 64.

Second Open run was switched to  a different direction. Sent to the left this time, caused cross overs and to the right would cause the dog to go over the hill. It was tough but a well laid out. I am enjoying the trial so far. Nan was free spirited on her crossdrive and got 63 for a combined score of 131.  Roo laid down a good run at 81 and I was very happy with his work. More details later on the Opens runs.

I didn't make it over to the PN or Nursery fields the last two days. I am judging the Nursery, PN and two rounds of Novice on Saturday. The Double Lift for 12 dogs will be on Sunday.

More tomorrow...

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Monique said...

Congrats on getting into the double lift! Knock 'em dead!