Monday, October 18, 2010

Honey Do List

In August, I went away from a week to go to a sheepdog trial. Getty stayed home and did the "honey do list" for me. He called and said he had gotten them all done and we even saved money. I was so excited to hear that. Saving money is good.

First of all, he fixed the broken headlights on my car.

He decided to put up the Christmas light a little early this year.

His next project was to trim the hedges around the backyard.

His bike needed a little adjustment on the brakes.

I asked him to have our Christmas Car all ready so we could go carolling.

He made me a cake so when I got home that I would have some dessert.

My car was not getting good gas mileage so he did some modifications to it so it would run more streamline.

He even went and got the bull that I had bought at the neighbors.  Since I had the Border Collies, he had to figure out another way to get "Herbie the Bull" back to the farm.

Some punk threw a rock and busted my window. He fixed it and put insulation in it so I wouldn't get cold. How did he know that Yellow is my favorite color?

The air conditioning was busted in his car, so he built a far superior A/C. Now we are the raging A/C car in town.

We love to BBQ. Since we live in a flood plan, our light plastic chairs all floated away. He put in heavy solid seat chairs and they come complete with a water bowls  under your seat. That way, you can wash before you eat, and wash after you eat and not lose you place.
He tuned up the hot tub, got a rifle holding section, a beer holder and now we are set.  Before we had to duck hunt by being in the blind, and we would get cold and the police didn't approve us of drinking in the field! Notice the required orange gear is being worn.

Since I was working so hard, he put up the Christmas tree for me.

The couch needed to be cleaned. He did a fine job on it.

He did even remember to water my lawn

His last Honey-Do-List was to take the boat down to get cleaned up because fishing season is going to open soon.

I was very happy that my Honey managed to do all of the items on the Honey Do list.

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