Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fire Ridge General Pixs

Some pixs from Fire Ridge. it was a great trial put on by Melinda Eden and her wonderful crew.

The beautiful banner.

Judge Hub who brought the sunshine

The first day field.  About 550 yds or so. Up rolling hills and the dogs lost sight of the sheep.

This is the field we used for the second run, about 450 yds or so. Again, the dogs lost sight of the sheep. The pumpkin in the front is part of the shedding ring.

Steve's Smoke Shack.

Handlers. I believe they are practicing the sitting technique.

Jeff Marroni and Carmen.

The view of the judging booth.

Elizabeth and Rye. Rye is one nice dog. I love the way he is built. Like a tank!
Nan giving me her opinion of some runs.

Closer view of her thought process "ZZZZZZZ"

Koko also giving her opinion of some runs.

More pixs in the next few days.

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Donna Brinkworth said...

Great shots and hilarious comments! Thanks.