Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fire Ridge Double Lift

Today was a long day. I judged Nursery, PN and two runs of Novice. There were nice runs and some excellent handling. First and second place were only a point difference. I'll post the scores after I get them. I didn't see any of the Open as I was at the different field.

Roo and I made it into the Double Lift. His combined score was 145. Nan didn't make it as her score was 131. Since I wasn't able to do my draw for the Double Lift, Bob Dias did the draw for me and we got the 12 slot. So we will run last tomorrow. Bob will run at a 2nd place in the run order with  Rock.

I hope we will do well as it will be the first Double Lift with  Roo and I. we start at 9:00 and I should run at 3 or so. I hope I can get some pixs to post them.