Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vashon Island Sunday quick recap

Again, I am wiped out and will probably be in bed by 10 tonight.   I want to thank Patrick fro judging, Maggi for hosting the trial and Bill for being Course Director as well as the other numerous folks who made this trial a roaring success! I certainly hope they will host this trial as it rates as one of my favorites!

Since I was one of the first dogs to run, I got to the trial early. They reversed the course and made the drive longer and about half of the crossdrive was blind. Nan ran first and was pushy (again- no surprise) and had a nice outrun and lift, a bit of wobble on fetch, nice turn and so so first and last leg of drive but nice crossdrive. She was overflanking and stopping three steps later so you know what I will be working on! We got the shed and pen but not the single.

Roo ran in late afternoon and did well, although his score didn't reflect it. He STOPPED at the top and had a nice lift, then came hard, then actually listened to me. Stopped and flanks and decent fetch, but the sheep skimmed the panels. Nice first leg, wobble at panel, nice crossdrive, more wobble and then to shed. Quick and neat shed and we almost had the sheep in the pen when the time ran out. He was soft and flanked square and was honest with the sheep. He was happy as a clam when his run was done and I gave him a big pet and his eyes glowed with love. So the thought of selling him went out of my head so he is here to stay. when he runs well, he is awesome. When he is a butthead, well he is a butthead. SO I will make him my winter project to be a better dog and me a better handler! Same goes for Nan and her three step stops and overflanking! I guess I have my homework cut out for me!

But even though we did not get the high scores and in the top 25% or so, I really like how Nan and roo handled the range ewes. Sometimes a bit fast but they were able to handle the ewes and not get back down or run off. They stood up to the ewes and made them move. Faye held her ground and walked into several ewes faces with authority! I do have pushy dogs!

There were some great runs today...Laura and Ripley were the only team to complete the whole course today and got the single. Bob and Mojo had a dream run. Jim and Zot were smooth as silk, to name a few.

When I get the score breakdown, I will post it. But for now, I am headed to bed! Photos in the next day or two and more details on the runs.

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