Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vashon Island - Ben and Nick - Novice

Ben is one of the sweetest guys ever. I adopted him as my little brother last year at the Finals. Not only he is cute, adorable but he is one heck of an awesome baker. Plus he runs a sheep operation on Lopez Island. Nick is his main dog. Nick is a son of Ben (Debbie Bailey).

Ben has been running successfully in Novice with Nick. He won the first go round and then got fourth (I think) on the second round. He is moving up to PN soon. He will be kicking our butts again!
Nick on the fetch.

 I love his wolf eyes.

 Some tongue action

 The last bit of the fetch.

 Such a lovely dog.

 As they were at the pen, one ewe made a break for it.

She was putting on the afterburners.

 But she was no match for Nick, the Superdog.

She decided joining her buddies was a grand ole idea.

They almost got the pen but timed out.

Next time you are at a trial, stop by and say "Hello" to Ben. They are a great team and fun to watch. Besides, Nan and Rainey ADORE Ben and they have good taste.

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