Friday, October 1, 2010

Vashon Island Trial quick update

I just got the iPhone tethering so I can post from the trial BUT it doesn't do a bit of good if the area that I am staying at has spotty cell service. So this is gonna be quick as the service fades in and out and I am very tired!

We got up at 4 this morning and it didn't help that I went to bed at midnight either. Got the 5:50 a.m. ferry and got there in plenty of time for the trial Janet, Ron, Hope and I all followed each other. They ran the  first PN then the first Novice, then half second PN, then the second Novice and then snuck in a few more PN runs at the very end. Got that? Good!

Susan Crocker won the first PN with her Kelpie. Ben and Nick won the first Novice class and Janet and Rainey got second with the second Novice class. I ran Faye twice. The first time she placed around 16 or so out of 35...(I'll have the real number later). On her second run, she is at 3rd place but only half of the runs done, so when they finish the rest of the PN tomorrow, I am sure her placing will drop. Faye ran great on the tough range ewes. She did not have any issues in moving them.

The sheep are range ewes from Eric Harlow operation in Eastern Oregon. They are tough and run off a weak dog. They made some dogs run off, fought with others and moved nice for some. Rainey and Faye stood up to their sheep and had no issues moving them. I was very happy. I took a bunch of pixs and will post them later too.

Off to bed as I am running on empty and I need to get a decent nights sleep. Tomorrow I will post in more detail of the runs that happened today. If you get a chance to run on range ewes, do as they are tough. I enjoy running on them. Tomorrow is the rest of PN and then Open. I am running Roo and Nan.

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