Wednesday, March 11, 2009

“A photographic feast for the eyes!”

On Saturday, I came home from a trial and was dead beat. Exhausted beyond belief. However, my new book “The World of Sheepdogs: A Photographic Tribute” from Angie arrived and I tore the wrapping open. I carried it to bed. Perhaps I would browse through it for just a few minutes before my weary eyelids would close.

It was for naught. My eyelids got a burst of energy and were fed by the photographic feast before my eyes. They were rejuvenated and I was wide eyed awake!!

Did I sleep? Yes, after I finally pored over every page. My dear husband saw his little angel (that woudl be me) with the book tucked in her arms, fast asleep with Tess curled next to her side.

Can I get any better than this?

I think not.

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