Monday, March 30, 2009

A little dental action

My two Arabians needed to have their teeth floated. Emmy, the 23 yr old, has sharp teeth that jutted to the side and as a results, she began to quid. Quid is when the feed gets bunched up on the side of the jaw, thus looking like a huge bump on the side of the jaw.

Emma, the 14 yr old, also needed to be done as she didn't have her teeth done for many years. She also had sharp points. Last week, Dr Hank Greenwald come over to do the teeth floating. He is my horse vet and lives in Preston. If you need a good horse vet, email me and I will give you his info.

Dr Greenwald with Emma. She got a happy shot and was in LaLa Land.

Here he is using a power dental tool to grind down her sharp points.

Another angle. Emma still is in LaLa Land. We did this by the side of the road and had numerous people slow down to take a peek.

Final floating and both girls were done. They should be good for a couple of year. Now their teeth are in fine form and ready to use on those pesky coyotes who try to kill the sheep flock that lives with them in the far pasture.

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An English Shepherd said...

Oh my god !!! Is this real or an April fools ?

Wizz :-)