Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bring in the Wolf....(part two)

Since the (mini) cougar couldn't move the rest of the sheep off the alfalfa hay, it was time to call in the WOLF. She is a very seasoned lambing dog with over 8 year under her belt.

Here is the black and white WOLF sneaking up on the ewes. Tess is going very slow.

Creeping around the ewe so she is not startled. Very quiet and methodical.

She now has to get off the hay bale and sneak down to the ground without scaring the sheep,

She wedges herself next to the ewe. You can see the lambs also. Tess is very gentle around the lambs. The ewe grabbed a large mouthful of hay for the journey.

If a lamb doesn't move, Tess will put her nose under it's behind and wheelbarrow it to move. She does this very calmly and the lamb just moves along in the correct direction with his hind legs in the air, being pushed by Tess. Tess has wheelbarrowed a lamb over 15 feet and the mother ewe was not at all bothered about that fact.

Tess has now turned the ewes from the hay and towards the barn door.

OK, now they are headed down the driveway to the front lawn.

A Ewe and lamb calling Tess a naughty name.

Newborn lamb. I love how dark this ram lamb. He is a fine example of a high quality Clun Forest ram lamb.

Rigby watched the rest of this adventure from his new perch, far atop of the hay stack,

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