Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feb 21 Trial- Nan

This is the Feb 21st trial. Nan and I at the post and ready to go. It was a nice and sunny day.

Waiting for the sheep to be set.

See how deep she is. She is running like a blaze of lightning.

Dead on through the fetch panels.

She has to stay off the sheep. They are very light and she is very pushy.

The turn around the post.

Nice and tight at the post.

The first leg to the drive panels.

Then *horror* appeared. The military fort starting shooting off cannons and guns and Nan is terrified of that. She wanted to run off to the cars but I downed her.

For the rest of the run, she blindly did as I told but had no feel for the sheep. She must love me as when the guns would go off, she would flinch and recoil. She went 900 miles per hour son her run too. But she stayed with me and tried her best. It was very tough for her.

The crossdrive. Dead on to the panels.

The turn which was wide.

The chute.

Almost lined up but she is being reactive and fast and not feeling her sheep. BANG, BANG would go the guns and Nan would jump and her eyes would get big.

The sheep did several tours around the chute and we finally got it.

Setting up for the shed. We timed out.

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