Thursday, March 19, 2009

Highlights of Jade

Jade headed off today to be part of Nancy O pack in the east coast. We will keep you posted on her on this blog or you can read about her at Nancy O blog. I'll post her blog info at the bottom.

Jade got professionally groomed tonight and is a very beautiful tri. Here she is watching American Idol and rolled her eyes at one of the singers. She is also keeping my feet warm.

OK, just hanging out. She is not very big in size but has a huge heart and big attitude.

Her baby pix.

Still a baby.

Imp Peg, her mama!!

AltaPete Teddy (TAIT)

Tait walking up.
Congrats Nancy on getting Jade. We know you will be pleased with her.

Just got an email from Nancy that Jade has arrived and sleeping at her feet!! Tomorrow she goes to work sheep. I hope Nancy has her running shoes on....having said that, Jade will be perfect for her!!

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Nancy O said...

Jade arrived safe and sound. Continental told me that she was supposed to be picked up at the passenger terminal, but after I got there they said no, I had to go to cargo. So off to cargo in the dark, to find Continental cargo which was not lite up. But find it I did and picked up Jade.

I got a lead, as there were alot of steps to negotiate with the crate and snapped on the lead with out problem, put her crate in my van and she hopped in as if she did it every day.

She met the upstairs dogs last night and Gunner and Pip, without incidence.

She layed at my feet when emailing Diane that she had arrived safely. She was quiet all night in her kennel downstairs near the other dogs. So far she has earned high points in my book!

It is raining and cold here, but I'll take her to sheep this afternoon. You'll be able to read about her at my blog

Thanks Diane!