Monday, March 23, 2009

Nell formerly known as Coll

This is Nell. She used to be called Coll. She is Sava's sister. I brought Sava and Coll from the UK almost 2 yrs ago. Their sire is Aled Owen's Roy.

I bought both of them with the intentions of keeping one and selling the other one. Both were very nice and it was a hard decision but Sava won my heart.

Lora Withnell got Coll and renamed her Nell. Lora's last name is Withnell so I was so excited the other day when I asked a fellow handler "Did you see Lora Withnell with Nell at the clinic"

They had the look of confusion when I said "with nell with nell" like I was stuttering.

I was amused.

Nell has a funky white spot on her ear.

She also has a big white collar.

Floppy ears and a smooth coat.

And a beautiful way on stock. Lora and Nell turning the post.

Nice steady drive to the first panel.

She has a nice pace on her. Moving the sheep right along.

Lora and Nell are a good team and we look forward to them on the trial field. I am glad that Lora got Nell as they click really well together.

So look for Lora Withnell with Nell.


sheepkelpie said...

Thanks for the tee hee :)

livin life said...

Look at that drive.....I must say....she rocks. But then I am biased. Love ya! Lora Withnell with Nell!!!!!

Jodi said...

Hey Lora with Nell! Nice to see you! Great pix, Dianne!