Saturday, March 7, 2009

Featured Rescued Border Collie - CHIEF - WASH STATE

I have been involved in Border Collie rescue for over 14 years. Time sure flies by as it just seems like yesterday. Now, I run several Border Collie rescue lists (Nationally and locally)...both are some of the longest run lists in the USA. I don't foster very many dogs any more but offer my training and herding services for free to our local Border Collie rescue. I used to rehab fear aggressive biters to herding potentials.

What I have decided to do to help promote the rescue Border Collies is to to offer a "Featured Rescued Border Collie" blog about twice a month. I will offer this service to any legit Border Collie Rescue Organization in North America.

If you are interested in this and are legit, email me with the details and if you fit the criteria, I'll put you on the list. Some of the criterias are you must be legit, provide a detail bio and pix of the dog, no biting or behavioural issues, the dog must be fixed and I am not liable for the dog in case it does not work out. For those you might be interested in a dog, I am not the go-to person....that will be provided in the blog. I am just providing a blog for the dogs to be featured.

If you have questions, you can put it into the comments and the rescuer who is featuring the dog will answer it there or send an email to the rescuer. I will reserve the right to delete any inappropriate comments also. You, as the rescuer must respond to people asking about the rescue dog, either in the comment or via email. Posting about other dogs in need or promoting your rescue is not allowed. I will delete as needed. No flaming is allowed.

Here is the first dog:

Chief from Washington State

Chief is a great border collie. Not knowing where he came from and being picked up as a stray he has a lot to give. Chief loves to run and play and he looks so silly running around the yard carrying a deflated basketball. Chief doesn't care what kind of toy it is, he loves them all.

Chief gets along great with all the other dogs here in his foster home. He has been good with the cats, but if they take off running he would like to give chase but calls off right away. He doesn't have the border collie eye and sit and watch the cats. Chief is happy sitting at my feet and has done quite well in the house.

Chief could use an obedience class. He is working on his sit and when the treats come out he can hardly sit still but he tries real hard to please. His house training is coming along nicely. Chiefs recall is great. I have only had him out running in the pasture and yards with the other dogs and he comes when called but haven't had him outside of his foster home to see how he does. He does want to jump up but its very easy to get him not too.

He was a little hand shy here at first and if I pass my hand over his head he will duck a little but has come to realize I mean him no harm and is getting better about ducking. The booms from Fort Lewis don't seem to faze him a bit.

Chief is a medium active border collie and comes with a off button! He is happy to be in the house and lounge on the dog bed.

Let's talk about his crate. He LOVES his crate. When he comes in the front door he heads straight for his crate in the back room and stands and waits to go in. When he gets out of his crate he goes straight to the front door. I had to let him know he doesn't always have to go in his crate its okay to hang out with us in the house!

Chief will be getting neutered next week along with his vaccines and microchip and will then be ready for adoption. Chief is SPDR affiliated and his adoption donation is $150. If you are interested in Chief please contact Vicki at

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