Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sleat......Featured by AltaPete Stockdogs

By now, most of you folks know that I am good friends with Scott and Jennifier Glen. I have known Scott for 10 years and he was the one who gave me my first real stockdog lesson. He tried not to laugh at me when I bumbled about with Tess. That same year, Tess went home with him for the winter and the rest is history.

This year's Nursery prospect is Sleat. Sleat is a kind and loving white-headed female. I have a lot of her bloodlines in my kennel already. I like that breeding and when Carol Campion offered Sleat to me, I jumped at the chance.

This year, Sleat will be going on the road with Scott and Jennifier. We hope she does very well as the Nursery dog. If she does well, then it she goes to the Finals. We are keeping our paws crossed.

To read more about Sleat and the AltaPete trial blog:

Thanks to Jennifier for doing such a nice write up and taking such lovely photos.

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