Monday, March 16, 2009

Moxie the Lambie

We are lambing now. Since I reduced my flock from last year and bred only 25 or so ewes, this was a lot easier for me. The Clun Forest have had nice lambs, all born fat and huge and up on their feet in minutes.

One ewe had triplets and didn't need any assistance. One lamb was trying to get up and mom was trying to help it. It looked like it's hind legs were paralyzed. Perhaps it happened when it was in the birth canal or the ewe stepped on it.

So I took matters in my own hands and took the lamb up to the house. Got some colostrum (tubed) in it and dried it off and pet the ewe lamb in the dog bed. It was in the office and was warm. The lamb tried to get up but soon gave up and went to sleep, only to wake up now and then to cry for her mother.

As all lambs do want....she wanted a mom to kiss and lick her and love her.

This was the best we could do. Tess hopped in the bed and soon contented sighs came from the lamb and she fell asleep. Tess licked the stray drops of milk off her face and you could see the lamb found peace and soon her head got very heavy and plop....she fell asleep.

They snuggled for a bit and Tess would sniff and nuzzle the lamb as she stirred. They stayed that way until we went to bed and I covered the lamb with a towel.

We were not to sure what to do with a paralyzed lamb as we would cross that bridge in the morning. We held the lamb up so she could go pee and poop and other than not being able to stand, all systems were a go.

The lamb had a full belly of milk and loving from Tess and feel into a deep sleep.

"BAA BAA" we heard very early in the morning.

Click, click, click was another noise we heard. I leaped out of bed to see what was going on and Lo and Behold, the lamb was walking in the office, screaming her lungs out for her Tess. She was walking and do a fine job of that. The clicking was her hooves on the wood floor.

Apparently she was not paralyzed!!

Tess came in and she ran to her and tried to nurse. I grabbed a bottle and she drank it hungrily, keeping an eye on Tess. Tess sat next to her and licked her face clean after she was done.

Mama ewe didn't want the lambie back...after all, the lamb now smelled like a Border Collie.

But, my friend Claire T. now has a new lambie who follows her to the mail box and talks to her all the time.

Her name is Moxie as she had a lot of Moxie to survive.

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sheepkelpie said...

Awwww. Great work Tess and grandma Diane!