Saturday, March 7, 2009

L&M Belle

L&M Belle (formerly known as Tess) made her arrival at the end of last year. Belle is the half sister to my Nan. Her dam is Laura Hick's Nell and sire is Michelle Howard's Imp Moss. She turned a year old in December.

Laura bred the litter and I wanted a female pup but Nell didn't have enough pups so I didn't get one. So when Laura decided to sell Belle and since she was the only female pup, I jumped at the chance to get her.

One of the main reasons is that I love my Nan. I love those lines. I love the pups that Nell produces. As Roger C. said to me..."you can bred a bulldog or gator (I don't which one it was) and they will still be top working dogs"

Nan is a fine example of that. Tommy Wilson's Sly is another fine example.

Belle as a pup at Laura's place. Belle was happy to know we don't very much snow over here. She didn't know about the rain.

Growing up...aren't her ears just adorable!!

Still growing up. You can see her body structure here...very robust. Laura sent me these puppy pixs of her.

Now, she looks so much like Nan when working. It's like watching her twin.

Working about 25 ewes in my lower pasture. She is slow to mature so we are taking it slow for her. I see a lot of Nan's moves in her.

Warming up and getting more confident. She has a lot of push but is very responsive to the handler. She has really become attached to me.

This reminds me so much of Nan. I can get them confused sometimes. The only way to tell them apart is that Belle is stockier.

Rating her stock. She will check in to see where she needs to be.

So in Feb we went to a Patrick Shannahan clinic. Here she is walking up nicely. Patrick and I worked her in the first session then I was starting to hurt from the heart surgery so Patrick took her out for the second session.

She was not sure about working for Patrick and ran to me a couple of time but I ignored her. So she decided I was completely worthless in saving her, so she went back to work with much more gusto. She decided that Patrick wasn't so bad after all.

Matter of fact, she likes Patrick just fine now. By now, she was ignoring me and doing well for Patrick. Patrick has a great way with dogs and can taking the softest dog and have them working brilliantly by the end of the session.

I had a nice trial bitch named Libbi. I sent her to Patrick about 10 year ago to be trained. Then I flew out to stay with Patrick for the weekend and get up to speed. Patrick made the tasty chili and taught me a lot. I had a wonderful time and it will remain as one of the most learning as well as fun time in my trialing career. I learned a lot from Patrick and owe him a Big Thank You.

Patrick got her to square out nice and be more responsive.

By the end, Belle was doing mini outruns, squaring out at the top and doing a nice fetch. It was a fun lesson and I learned a lot by watching him work Belle.

Thanks to Laura Hick for sending me this nice gal. She is a much fun as Nan and we love her.

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