Friday, March 27, 2009

DeltaBluez Lucy

Lucy is a darling, tiny red female. She is one of the sweetest dogs here. All kisses and love. But very serious on stock. Super biddable and brave. Tess is her grandmother and Pleat is her grandfather and DeltaBluez Koko is her dam. Tess is a successful Open dog and Koko is also a very successful top Open dog. Koko is owned by Rochelle Stanford on CA.

Lucy is 4.5 years old now and came back to me after one of her owner became very ill (asthma) and they had to give up Lucy. Christine was heartbroken and sent Lucy back to me. I trained her to PN level for Christine and had her for sale. No one was interested in a red and white dog and by then I fell in love with her and bought her. As a pup, she was one of my favorite pups and followed me everywhere. So it was only fitting that she came back home.

She maybe tiny but is one brave dog. She works cattle also.

Walking forward on her sheep. See the intensity in her eyes.

Oh, did I forget to mention her cute pointy ears?

And those adorable red freckles?

Nice and purposeful stride. Very confident on stock.

She is very stylish. She was very successful in Nursery and PN and then people wanted to buy her. Ha, no such luck, ya'll passed her up and your loss now!

Drives like a dream...aka like a Cadillac.

She just got back from training from Scott Glen and he did a great job. She needed some finishing and also trained up to Open. He made her a shining star!! He really likes her a lot and that made me proud. She ran very well for him on the Heppner sheep.

Holding the pressure and keeping the fetch nice and straight. She has moved to the Open position and Tess has retired. It's nice to have three generations of dogs that are doing so well. She is my Open dog now and we hope to go to the Finals!!


Monique said...

She is a very special dog I'm proud to be her doggie godmother. You and Scott have done an awesome job training her.

Give her a kiss for me. Best of luck at the trial this weekend.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

You have done your share in training her too!!

Today she worked the ewes and lambs and did an awesome job...lmabs going everywhere and she got them all going to the right area!!