Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cougar attack...(part one)

Rigby rules the farm. The LGD, Border Collies, sheep, horses and steer all bend to his mighty paw. He likes to call the shots. Everything belongs to him. Including the straw bale he is on.

Here he is taking a break from his mice chasing chores.

He see the ewes and lambs being let out of the stall so they can free range on the front lawn.

Hum, they stopped to take a snack at the alfalfa pile. His ears are starting to lower down a bit since a ewe has gotten closer to him (without his permission, of course)

Oh, oh, one of the ewes is sniffing at him. He is not amused. The ewe is unaware of his displeasure. He hissed and she didn't move.

She moves closer to him and he actually has to get up. He is not happy at this point.

She decides to nibble at his straw bale and finally he snaps. He reached out and whacked her on the nose and she ran off. You can see his *displeasure* in his eyes. The ewe ran out of the barn at full speed. It's not everyday you manage to escape from a (mini) cougar and live to tell the tale.

....to be continued tomorrow.....(Bring in the Wolf)

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