Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Sock Killer

Rigby and Cosmo have been doing an excellent job in the barn in killing the mice and rats. Matter of fact, they like to bring the extra large ones to me for my approval. YIKES!!

Rigby seems to take great delight in dropping live mice on my shoes when I am sitting in a chair in the barn, resting after working dogs. Apparently he thinks that I should still be lively. He likes to see me do a jig in the barn.

Cosmo, on the other hand, brings me the mice - dead. I give him a can of kitty food for that and he seems to appreciate that.

Rigby owns the farm. He is KING PIN. The cows, sheep and horse move out of his way and his swift paw. He loves to chase Nan around and makes sure the border Collies' noses get used as a scratching post for his claws.

He is also a house cat. At night when I get home from work, he goes into the house with me. My mom made sure he got used to being a house cat. He is a good house cat and takes the coveted spots in the house. He is a good snuggler.

Rigby wants to make sure that I am protected from any danger in the house. I really appreciate that. I am not totally recovered from the heart surgery so I can't run away say if, a cougar should be in the house or maybe killer socks.

Rigby saw these socks and thought they might attack me as I walked by. After all, the socks were green and blended into the carpet. I wouldn't see them as I walked by. God only knows what would happen if I got attacked by a pair of socks.

He jumped off his cozy spot on the couch to save me. He grabbed the socks and held onto them so I could walk safely by.

He attacked and killed the socks for me. He bit the socks and then shredded them with his back feet. One sock now has a nice little tear in it but he SAVED ME!!

Good Rigby, I knew I could count on you to save me. The worthless Border Collies all hung out on the couch and watched Rigby pull his heroic act.

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