Friday, March 20, 2009

The Milk Bar is Open

The Milkbar is open. We are almost done lambing. We had the first set and in a week or so, then the second set. I reduced my flock due to the high hay prices (almost doubled from the year before) so lambing this year was much on a smaller scale this year.

We have 23 lambs so far. 20 Clun Forest and three hair lambs. They are all nice and healthy and fat. Pretty sassy too. We have about 10 more ewes to go.

The days I get home from work and it is decent weather I turn the ewes and lambs out on the lawn to eat and wander about. Today they got turned out about 4ish and wandered about.

The lambs followed Kodi, the LGD and Tess. Tess was doing tending work and she knows that the sheep cannot go down the driveway or back into the barn. I sat on a bucket and watched everyone for a bit.

Apparently the MILKBAR was open at 4ish also. There were a number of lambs lined up to get their drinks.

The Garden Hose Bar since it is near the garden hose.

The Island Bar since it is on the Driveway Island.

The House Pond Bar since it is near the house pond.

Barn Bar since it is next to the barn.

This is Petunia who seems to follow me around all the time. She is very clever and finds food everywhere and knows if she bugs you enough she will get fed. She has two very nice ram lambs. After the lambs were born, she made sure I fussed over them for a bit. She was born here and is from one of my best ewes. When they were loose in the yard, she hung near me as if to make sure I took lots of pixs of her and her lambs. She even had her nose in my camera bag, just in case, you know, that there might be grain in there?

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