Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feb 21 Trial- Tess

A few weeks ago I was at a sheepdog trial. I've been too busy to post the pixs since then but now I finally got the time. I ran Tess and Nan.

Click on the pixs to see them in large size. It's shows a lot of detail. Thanks to Janet for taking the pixs.

The sheep. Look at the beautiful array of colors!!

Tess taking off and eyeing the sheep's location. I am stepping up on the post.

She is to the right and making sure they do not bolt back to the setout.

We had a dog leg fetch. She is right on the money.

Ah, through the fetch panels.

Turning the post.

See Tess dig in her back legs to cover the sheep.

Nice turn around the post.

Right on the money again through the first drive panel.

The cross drive. I was a little high.

Then I messed up and missed the cross drive panels.

To the L chute.

Slowing down to line them up.

Tess is great at pens and chutes. At the mouth and she is holding the back line.

Walked them right in.

Setting up for the shed.

Tess being calm and the sheep decide to be my new best friends. She is turning on her power and the sheep are staying WAY OFF of her!!

Almost but not quite and we timed out. That cost up a top placing. I was happy how the old dog ran .....not bad for a senior citizen. She was very happy with her run and bounced about. I love that dog and she has made me the handler that I am today.

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