Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A whole lotta rain and that's about it!!

It’s been raining. But I guess those of you that live here already know that. Not to mention, it has been cold. My knees have been really aching due to the cold. I managed to miss our summer. I went into the hospital and it was the beginning (or so it seemed) of summer and now that I am sort of mobile, the summer had fled and nasty, wet and cold fall has set in. This is so unfair!! I don’t do cold well anymore.

OK now, that you know my stance on the weather; I’ll update you on my progress. My stomach ache/pains have gone completely away. So it must have been the Percoset that I was taking. I am taking ½ of a Vicodin during the day. I stopped my Oxycontin at night and switched to Vicodins. Soon I’ll be off the pain killers. My chest pain still is there but not as bad. But enough to feel it and take a pill. It is more noticeable if I am busy or active.

Yesterday day was a busy day. I went to the Cardiologist to have the blood tested to see how thin it is. It has to be a certain level for them to do the next heart procedure in October. Yes, I have (yet) another heart procedure but it will not involve opening my chest. So they checked my level and it is within the correct boundaries. I am on a blood thinning medicines as well as one for helping regulate my heart. I have arrhythmia. The heart procedure they want to do will re-set my heart into a normal rate. I’ll be glad when I am off all these darn pills. And the best part is that I will be in good health.

My farrier came over to trim Emmy and Emma hooves. Both were in good shape. Janet was here so she helped me by holding the mares. She learned how to put on a halter. She did really well. We had to go to the far field to get Emmy and I took Tess. While the farrier was trimming Emmy’s feet, I sent Tess on a blind outrun to get the sheep. The field is 25 acres and the grass is chest high. It took her a bit as the sheep were scattered all over. Tess was quite pleased with herself and the farrier was impressed.

Chuck came over to the house and worked dogs. He has done a great job in raising Rainey for me. Clip is a pistol and is a handful. He is more like his sire, Scotty. Rainey worked the huge flock in the lower pasture. She maybe tiny but has a big attitude. Teddy is learning how to drive and is getting off on the right paw on that (no pun intended)

Janet worked Mattie and she is finally starting to settle. She was able to do mini outruns in the round pen and figuring out how to pace. Janet has gone from being a *city type* of girl to a good country girl!! She is very devoted to her dogs. Chuck and Janet have really been putting the time in with their dogs and it is starting to show.

It got dark and the skeeters were going into full kill mode and we quit for the night. I will admit that I was the weenie and bailed.

I told Getty of Tess’s exploits and he duly rewarded her with a treat. We had chicken for dinner and hung out and watched TV. I tried to do a crossword puzzle but failed. So, needless to say my brain is still on slow speed. I love doing crosswords puzzles or puzzles in general.

Instead of taking an Oxycontin for the night, I took two Vicodins. I didn’t sleep really well and didn’t know if it was due to the changing of the meds or weather change. I woke up in time to give Getty a good-bye kiss and then fell back asleep. Tess jumped on the couch to be next to me and Nan sat next to me and gave me kisses when I rolled over. I woke up late and decided to forego on my Vicodin to see how far I could go without it.

I was busy this afternoon cleaning the kitchen. I even unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. Before when I did that, my chest would be in major pain. This time, it hurt but not in a major way. By the time I got done with the kitchen I was exhausted. So I took a nap. I was going to take my pain pill but forgot.

Nan curled up next to me on the bed. Tess jumped up and saw her spot was occupied by Nan. She stood over me and Nan and gave her the evil glare but to no avail. Nan had her head tucked in my chest and her eyes were closed. So Tess did the next best thing and that was to lay on top of me and Nan. Yes, she did, just plopped her behind on my side and her front on top of Nan. Nan promptly jumped up and moved and then Tess slithered into her space. It was quite funny and we all settled in for a nap. Nan was snuggled next to my hip and Tess was next to my head and chest.

Getty came home and gave me a ½ Vicodin and the pain went away. We had dinner and watched TV. I sure miss watching the Olympics as now there is nothing good on TV. Getty made the pain of bad TV go away by bringing me some ice cream. I feel much better now. So much better that I am thinking of going for a cookie raid soon.

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