Thursday, September 18, 2008

Off to a Trial and I am so excited

I am gone this weekend so don't expect a blog until Monday. Today at the trial, they ran Novice and Ranch. Saturday and Sunday will be ProNovice and Open.

I went and watched today. Audrey drove in case you were wondering.

I am very, very tired so I am headed off to bed. I am leaving early for the trial tomorrow. I plan to run Tess, Nan and Lucy. I'll be staying with Lora in her RV so I don't have to drive.

The new med (Vicodan) seems to be working. My stomach is not in severe pain anymore. I had a good appetite at lunch so I am happy.

Some Trial Pictures (more on Monday)

Brian Ricard explaining the finer points of driving. Notice his budding sled dog team of Mig, Raven and Doc. Brian is an Open Handler who set sheep. That was very nice of Brian to drive down and spend his day setting sheep!! Thanks..

The Sheep

A Kelpie doing a nice drive (I'll find out later who it is)

Vicki and Skye

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