Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Help Wanted"

Doing this blog takes time and patience. I put out the "Help Wanted" sign for an "Blogging Assistant" and Nan looked semi-interested. She wanted to know what benefits came with the job. I usually do the blog after Jeff goes to sleep. Now that Tess has given the *Night Guard* duties to Nan, the job was now available.

Once she found out that no sheep were involved, her interest wavered. She even yawned and fell asleep on her back during the interview

OK, so I upped the ante and told her that she would get either a Kong or bone filled with peanut butter.

We made an agreement and she was hired. Nan loves peanut butter. It is one of her favorite treats.

OK, first day on the job. Keeping an eye on me to make sure that I am working on the blog.

Oh no, the bone slipped away. Must drag it back on the dog bed.

Ok, time to get that last bit of peanut butter eaten before the blog is published.

Good Nan!! You did well on your first day on the job,

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