Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adjustments of the mind and body

So today, I bit the bullet and dropped my daily Oxycontin. From now on, I am only going to take it on the days that I know will be busy. I took my ½ perco and that just barely numbed the pain but enough for me to get by. Nan woke up by barking and I saw a squirrel in the front yard. It might have been a chipmunk as I only saw a blur. Nan then settled down in her dog bed after reassuring me that she saved me from harm. Such a good dog!!

I was not very hungry in the morning and it was evident that my stomach was upset. This was the rest of the pattern for the day. I haven’t eaten this little for a long time. I was thinking that it was perhaps the perco that I had taken on an empty stomach, although I did eat something right taking it.

Mom and Kimiko came over after 10:00 and the girls went crazy. Nan barked like a pack of hound dogs that treed a cougar and bounced up and down like a kangaroo. She ran circles around Kimiko and mom and was so delighted to see them. Tess ran outside and grabbed a ball and proudly gave it to my mom. My mom hardly had any time to put her bags down when she had to toss it for the girls.

It is quite amazing how much the girls adore my mom and Kimiko. And how much my mom and Kimiko adore them. The girls got their biscuits and settle down near them and ignored me. And of course, I adore my mom and my Aunt Kimiko.

Mom and Kimiko picked two bags of tomatoes out of the garden. The love the fresh veggies and next year, I will add extra plants for them. Anything I can do to pay them back for their kindness. So far for next year they want green beans and tomatoes.

We all had lunch and then cleaned some of the house. Mom made spaghetti and it washer special recipe of ground beef and Italian sausage. Kimiko added some fresh tomatoes to the sauce and it added a good flavor. Kimiko and mom brought tons of food over so I wouldn’t starve!! Why is it when your mom cooks for you it is far better than if you made the same meal?

I actually cleaned the living room table off so you can see it. It has been the repository for all of my hospital stuff since I got home. It’s hard to believe that eight weeks ago I had surgery. And a few weeks ago I couldn’t even get out of the couch without help.

Nelson called to see how I was and get a progress report. I must have passed as he didn’t chastise me!! I have been holding at 118 lbs for a bit now. It seems to be a blocking point for me but I sure would like to get about eight more pounds.

The barn walk was fun. Mom and Kimiko love feeding the animals. They are so happy and I enjoy watching them. The dogs stand next to them, hoping for a bit of bread which they get. Cosmo showed his delight also by playing with a baby garter snake and making sure we saw his show. Rigby strolled nearby and then pulled a vanishing act when we wanted to bring him up to the house. Mom was disappointed as she wanted to bring him to the house and feed him caned kitty food. I was still feeling puny so I sat down for most of this activity. I love to see my mom and Kimiko having fun at the farm. I am glad that I can bring joy to my mom since she has brought so much joy in my life. Kimiko has turned into my Aunt Kimiko and she is such a wonderful person.

Mom and Cosmo

Kimiko and Kodiak

We got back to the house and mom and Kimiko were getting ready to leave since I was not feeling well when Rigby appeared. Rigby got his meal and we all hung out n the porch (where he eats) and he was happy to have an audience. Then they left and I crashed hard for a two hour nap.

Janet Neal, my chiropractor and dear friend of most of my life, came up to give me an adjustment. It really helped. I was hunching over and my back and ribs really hurt. She did an amazing job and it is far easier for me to stand up straight. Now I am able to take deeper breaths and turn side to side without pain. If you want a fantastic chiropractor and are in the Puyallup area, I recommend her. I could feel that my ribs were higher on one side and I was favoring one side over another plus my back was super tight and sore. She worked on her for a long time and also showed me how to stretch out. She said I would be sore from the adjustment but as of now, I am not sore as I thought I would be and my stomach ache has lessened. I just feel so MUCH BETTER!!

Then Tess and Nan got adjusted. Nan stood pretty well for me and wasn’t that bad. She needed some adjustments but overall was fine. Tess was not so happy about being adjusted and was squirming. She doesn’t like to be adjusted. Her hips were sore but overall she was ok. I got my trial dogs adjusted as they run and work hard. They also get groomed every other month. Not to mention, the girls sleep on the bed.

Next dog was Kodiak. He is eight years old and has been looking off in his back end. He played “catch me if you can” so we started to fiddle with Emma. Then Kodi decided he wanted to have attention. So we put a leash on him so he couldn’t run away. His hips were very sore and he got a good adjustment. He really needed it and after he was done, he cuddled up next to Janet as if he knew that she helped him.

We then did Emma. Emma is an ex-show horse. She spent many years on the show circuit but now has a good home where I go for trial rides on her. I won’t be riding her until next year though!! She was in good alignment except for her hip. She didn’t want to have her hips adjust but we told her to behave so she did. She will appreciate it later. She has had adjustments before so she should be used to it. That was very kind of Janet to adjust me as well as the gang. I know we will all feel better. Janet is a great friend and we have known each other since we were 14 yrs old and in Junior High. We both were horse crazy and still are. We both have Arabians and still ride but with a lot more caution.

I know as I type this I am not hunching over the laptop and sitting straight. It’s great to take a deep breath and feel alive. I have gone from STEP 47 to STEP 92 thanks to Janet.

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