Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mortal Enemies

The "Universal Rule" states that cats and dogs are "MORTAL ENEMIES"

Chase, attack and kill at all cost. Cats are to be be chased by dogs. They are nice furry live animals
Well, the "Universal Rule" does not apply here at all. When Rigby, all 6 weeks old, arrived he promptly let the Border Collies and Great Pyrenees that *HE* was the boss. No if, and or buts about it.

Dripping wet at 6 pounds to the two Great Pyrenees 125 pounds plus, he let them know it was "cat chase the dog across the pasture" game and not the other way around. Yep, these LGD would would kill a coyote were be in a dead run across the pasture, tail between their legs while a tiny kitten was in full pursuit. After a bit, they would chase each other and then throw themselves on the ground to sleep as a team

So then Rigby made sure the Border Collies understood that he was boss. Tess and Rigby formed a tight bond and would hang out. Rigby quickly discovered that Nan was terrified of cats and therefore she made an easy target. He would lie in wait for her and chase her up to the house, down to the barn and the occasion he was let in the house, he would chase her out of her dog bed.
Today we tossed the ball. Rigby heard the fun and came dashing to investigate. He saw the dogs playing ball and ran up to them. Tess was waiting for me to toss the ball. He had to rub against her and she ignored him. Nan, meanwhile saw him and dashed off as you can see.

Having scared Nan off then Rigby decided he needed to get into the ball tossing adventure. When you toss a ball for Border Collies, the ALPHA dog gets in front gts closest to the ball and the lesser dominant ones lie up behind the *BOSS DOG*

Or in this case, the *BOSS CAT*

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