Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I went to see Dr. Condon this morning. He is my Cardiologist. As usual, he was impeccably dressed and his bright, cheerful self!! I am glad he is my Cardiologist as he in not only a great doctor but he has passion for his work. Not to mention he has a wonderful personality and you feel totally at ease with him. If you need a Cardiologist, I highly recommend Dr. Condon. If you want a top notch heart surgeon, go to Dr. Austin.

The news is NO SURGERY for the hole in my heart. The hole is at 1.7 and they gray area is 1.5 – 2.0. It probably will stay the same size. He is going to monitor it to make sure it stays stable. The hole is near the edge of the wall and not in the center. I will be able to have a normal life. I will have to watch for certain symptoms in case it does get bigger (shortness of breath. Etc…) BUT the best news is NO SURGERY!!!

I still do have the flutter so the next step in October is have an ultra sound done again (the “Garden Hose” one that I SO ENJOY!! –NOT) and at the same time they will do a procedure to the heart so it will go into the normal state. There is no surgery involved in this!!

I have to be on a blood thinning medicine for a month before all of this will happen. So they will do the “Garden Hose” ultra sound for a baseline and make sure all systems look ok and then the fixing of the flutter. That will be done at the hospital and no surgery involved.

NO SURGERY…I am so pleased….

Who wants to join me in the “DANCE FOR JOY??”


Ben and Deborah said...

yeah! I've been following your blog and was hoping you wouldnt have to have ANOTHER surgery! What a huge relief!

Monique said...

Hoooooooorayyyy! woowoowoo! Arooo!