Sunday, September 7, 2008

Step 47

We had a full day today. In case, you were wondering, I took it easy and lots of breaks. I even took a 30 minute nap later in the afternoon.

My chest hurt and it woke me up at 7ish so I took a 1/2 perco. Finally it quit hurting so bad but I could feel it. I took my meds at nine and then it felt much better. It is not as sore when I touch it. The scar has gone form an angry red scar to a thin red line.

We started off by having breakfast, coffee and reading my email. Then off to a lesson with Irene and Rascal. Rascal did the first part of his lesson in the round pen and then his second session they worked in the big field. He did very well and Irene was so happy. He has come quite far and they are a good working team now. I am pleased that they are working in the big field. Being patient and making sure they had a good solid foundation has paid off.

Nancy and Courtney were next. Nancy has to be the most cheerful person that I know. Talking to her is like soaking in a ray of sunshine. I enjoy chatting with her!!

Blaze was a real pistol today and he even blew me off (as is totally ignoring me). Nancy did the stall exercise with him and that seemed to help. Then she worked him dragging a long line and he decided to show how well behaved he was. Their other dogs did well and Courtney even got Logan to hold a single and move her to another pasture. Jack just looks better and better each time.

That was a nice morning working some talented dogs. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. It was perfect for working dogs!!

Jennifer came later in the day with Flink and Atom. Last time I saw Atom, he was about two months old. He worked well at that age and reminded me of Tess when she was that age also. Courtney worked Atom in the round pen and he was very biddable and had nice square flanks. Flink worked in the big field and at first she was pushy. We worked on a steady (lie) command and by the end she was steadying quite well and rating better. She can be ready to run in a Novice trial in a few months. She is a very quick study and works the sheep with authority but doesn't scare them.

Monique and Janet worked dogs later in the day while I fussed about. I did odd chores in the barn and also sat and watched their lessons. I made sure that I sat in the barn in the shade which was a good idea as it was hot, hot!!

For the rest of the day, I decided that I was tired and then did some house work. I need to get caught up on housework as I am falling behind. I can't lift heavy stuff but I can sure sweep, mop, dust, sort and just plan clean up. The girls and I took a nap and it would have been longer but Tess snored so loud that she woke me up!!!

Chuck came over and worked Teddy, Clip and Rainey in the big field. I am sure he thought that I was mad when I told him to work Clip and Rainey in the big field but they were ready for it. They worked about 25 sheep and did well. When a sheep would break away, they would recover it and put it back into the flock. They just need miles on them now.

We had deep fried catfish and French fries tonight. I told Jeff if he got catfish I would make him deep fried fish and fries. Chuck joined us for dinner and I am sure our arteries are slowing down due to the deep fried dinner but it was good. I am not sure what to make for dinner tomorrow night but it will be healthy to balance out what we ate tonight.

Now, later at night my chest is much better. I am 118 lbs now and have a good appetite. I do get short of breath when I am whistling. That takes a lot more that you think. I am doing whistles when I am not working the dogs. That seems to help open and work my lungs. It is much more fun than blowing into the air puffer.

It has been a little over seven weeks since the surgery. I am healing but still have some issues. It will take time but I am patient. The only way to can climb a huge mountain is one step at a time. I am on STEP 47 today.

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