Saturday, September 13, 2008

Busy, Busy and Busy!!

The last two days have been busy. First of all, I am no longer taking the daily Oxycontin unless I know that I am going to do something that is very busy. Today was such a day. I asked one of my students to drive me to Del’s. Del’s is having their Customer Appreciation Day. He gets here and we find out that my truck is dead. It is a dead battery, so we think. So we hop in his truck and off we go. It’s to far for me to drive at this point and I took a pain med. I will not drive on pain meds.

We loaded up with Del’s. Livestock feed, dog food, and so forth. I spent a good chunk of change but wanted to stock up. Of course, I had to get smoked bones and toys for the working dogs. Each Sunday is treat day and the dogs get a bone, pig ear or cow hoof. The pups get a Kong with biscuits during the week. Kael gets two Kongs since he has the cuteness factor!!

My friend unloaded the bags and then put them in the barrels. He was pretty tired after that. I really appreciate that he did that for me. It helped quite a bit since Jeff (“Getty”), spouse was out of town.

That was a fun event and we had a good time. But I got wore out and then headed up to the house for food and a possible nap.

My stomach has been bothering me for a few days. It has affected my appetite. I am trying to eat but only manage to get a few bites in before I feel ill. I sure hope it goes away soon.

Kathy Davis, my Doctor friend came over and we went to lunch. She got to see my progress. She was the one that spent most of a week *babysitting* me when I was in the hospital. At least this time, she didn’t have to spoon feed me sorbet or ice chips.

Chuck came over and worked the dogs. He is turning into a good friend. He has come quite far in his training. He brought me some of his delicious honey that he got from his bee hives. I will be putting it on my toast. My truck had not charged since the morning s Chuck worked on getting the charger set up correctly so it would charge over night. Then he heard about my upset tummy and ran to QFC and got me some yogurt hoping that might settle my stomach. Janet came over and worked dogs. We all hung out in the barn and chatted for a bit. All in all, it was a busy day and I took a nap too!

So today, I go out to see if the truck battery has charged up and it is still dead. The charger is not working!! ARGH!!!! I am so frustrated. I called Chuck and whined since I couldn’t get a hold of Jeff (“Getty” the spouse) Chuck came over later in the day and brought his charger and set it up. It works and he verified that my charger was dead as a door nail!! Then Chuck went off rock climbing to Index. He went with his “chick magnets”, Teddy, Clip and Rainey. Rainey has filled out and he has done a good job in socializing her. The three dogs are so cute and everyone has to stop and pet them!!

The day has not started off well. But it got better. Kathleen came over and we worked dogs. As usual, Emma is doing great and it shows the miles she has put into that pup. She has taken her everywhere, different field, sheep, large and small groups, big field, arena chutes, stall and so forth. She is not afraid of doing anything. She has made her a well rounded dog.

Janet, my chiropractor came over to give me another adjustment. My back needed some work and she did her *magical adjustments”. On last Thursday, she adjusted me and I as no longer hunched over. It held and I was pleased. She did her magic and I could feel it. It’s nice not hunching over and feeling sore everywhere. She also adjusted Scotty. He wasn’t too bad. I had taken Scotty last year and part of this year to another Chiropractor for treatments. I like to make sure my dogs all get adjusted.

The hay guy, Chris, came over to mow my fields. We are going to work out a deal that he hays/bales my fields next year. For this year he is going to mow the field so they will grow up nice next year. He is a very nice guy. Kathleen, Chris and I sat in the barn and talked.

He has some family members that died in the war and it was touching to hear the stories. The sacrifices his family has made in the name of freedom. Because of people like his family, we are able to live in a free country. Next time you see someone who has served in a war or is serving in a war, you should thank them for their service and maybe buy them a dinner or something. It’s the least you can do for the military people who give and give. Thank you Chris and to your family who help make us a safe nation.

If you want a guy that will cut/bale your field and live in the valley, I recommend Chris. Contact me and I will give him your info. He is a local guy that lives in Duvall. I am going to try to get him set up with lots of fields.

By this time I was hungry so Kathleen and I went and had Mexican. I got this burrito and it was super huge. I was three meals worth. But it was tasty!!

By the time we got back to the place, my chest was hurting and I needed a nap. I took a nap but didn’t take any pain pills. I wanted to take a nap and see if the pain was related to pushing myself too much today, than actual pain. I had pushed myself hard this day and I fell asleep quickly and when I woke up my chest was not hurting so much. I guess eight weeks after surgery, I just have to still take it easy and take lots of rests.

Now as I write this, my stomach still is upset. I hope that I don’t have the flu. It has been three days and I sure would it would go away. It has been a packed two days but a lot of stuff got done.

I would write more but Tess is anxiously waiting to lick clean my ice cream bowl. I can’t deny her!!

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