Friday, September 5, 2008

I really didn't do much that last few days. My chest still hurts and I am taking it easy. So I have been sitting on my front porch, tossing the ball for the dogs, drinking lemonade and reading. worked the girls for a little bit but mainly trying to heal the owie!! I will post more tomorrow,

This is the view that I have sitting on my front porch. It's so beautiful. Peaceful and quiet.

View from front porch, looking directly out. This is the path to the upper driveway.

The little woodsy Park to the left. Several large trees, ferns and flowers.

Same view. The pups loved to play in this woodsy area. There is a huge log laying on its side and they loved to scramble over it. It also made for some cool hiding spots so they could bushwhack each other. It is one of my favorite places on the farm.

This view is looking to the right of the front porch. There is a pond directly in front of you. My garden is in front where the bare earth is.

TThis is looking to the left from the front porch. This is a large stump with huckleberries on it.

This is the front porch. To the left is my garden (or what is left of it).

Enjoy the view. I sure did.

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