Monday, September 29, 2008

Farm Tour

Mom and Kimiko came last week and I took some pixs. Mainly of the animals and Mom and Kimiko that are in the blog. I love it when they come to visit.

This is Kimiko tossing the ball for Tess. Please note that Tess has TWO balls for Kimiko to toss. My mom is in the background. This ball tossing is now a ritual with them.

Mom and Kimiko feeding the ducks in the pond pasture. Tess is picking up any stray pieces of bread. She usually will get about 2 slices of bread that Mom and Kimiko *accidently* drop.

Mom, Kimiko and Tess. Again, note there is a kong toy in the picture. Also, note the other dogs are not in the picture as Tess considers Mom and Kimiko her *own* and won't share unless she is told.

Rainey and Clip with Rigby on top of the alfalfa stack in the barn. Clip has gotten too close to Rigby and *WHOOSH* the claws went out and *POOF* Clip barely escaped with his life!!

Rigby still glaring at Clip and Clip deciding that a retreat was in good order. Who says, Border Collies are not smart!! See that Rainey is keeping a wise distance from Rigby. She has had her nose used as a scratching post when she got too close when she was younger.

The neighbor's Guinea hen. She hangs out here since her mate was killed by an owl.

Red, the young Rhode Island Red rooster that I got, He is very tame and follows you. He is not afraid of the dogs.

The four white geese that I still have. I used to have about 25 geese and reduced the flock to four. These are very friendly and come to yo for food.

The three young Muscovy ducks that I got about one month ago. They have grown and lost their baby fuzz and looking like real ducks.

The other ducks that I have. There is seven left. All the ducks go out to the pond pasturte during the day and back in the coop at night. They know the routine. The pond pasture is fenced so they can not escape and are safe.

....and that is it for the Farm tour for now...

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