Monday, September 8, 2008

Nan's day off so Tess had to fill in

So Nan had a day off from blogging duties. I traded Tess for Nan the last two nights. Tomorrow Nan will be back. I think Tess is jealous that Nan has been getting extra attention, the midnight forays and so forth.

In addition, Tess has been more than helpful that last two days. I wanted to work Nan and I was in the field so I called her to the gate. Tess also came and saw that I needed help. She gave Nan the *evil eye* and Nan left and went in the barn. I called Tess and she leaped over the gate to help. She is the only dog that is allowed to leap over the gate. She is pretty spry for a ten year old dog.

Here is Tess bringing the sheep. I worked some dogs yesterday and she was the backup lesson dog. She loves being a back up dog!! She is a great backup dog and gets any runaway sheep as well as holding them so I can work a pup close at hand. Here she is holding them off the escape route to the barn.

Later, we all got to relax. Jeff and Nan went to sleep and I do my blog then.

Each night as I do the blog, the Blogging Assistant gets a treat. Peanut butter stuffed in a bone was the special tonight.
A long tongue goes a long way in digging out the peanut butter.

Ok, time to get serious. Use the paws to hold the bone up so she can dig the last bit out.

(click on this pix to see how much white she has on her face...she even has white in her ears)

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