Friday, September 26, 2008

Gone for a few days....

I more than likely will not be posting this weekend since I am at Monique and Bruce's place. Monique and I will be at a Scott Glen Clinic on Saturday and Sunday. I will be auditing and Monique will be running Lucy.

Right now, I am hanging out on the couch with Bruce and we are watching Monique do an X-Box game, I sure am glad she is doing the game than me. I am lousy at those types of games. But as a support staff, I am cheering her on while eating a Black Cherry Pie for dessert. Monique made a delicious salmon (BBQ), asparagus, and pasta dinner. It was so good that I ate a whole bunch.  Monique  is a good cook. I am a good eater of food!! ;-)

I will post more tomorrow if I can. I am full with dinner and too busy cheering Monique on to think of anything to write!!

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