Thursday, September 18, 2008

A few days update....

Tuesday: Jeff (here after to be known as Getty-nickname) woke me up and I had a good night sleep. I had toast slathered with the honey that Chuck had brought over. It’s the fresh honey from his bee hives. It was rich and thick and still had some time bits of bees wax. After I ate the “honey toast”, I took my Advil with a glass of V8 juice. The fresh smell of the dark roast coffee that was just brewed, tempted me as I walked by and a fleeting thought was in my mind to exchange the thick V8 juice for a cup of coffee laced with almond syrup and half and half.

But alas, I resisted and left the coffee for Getty (Jeff). My stomach was starting to hurt and my enthusiasm for cleaning the kitchen quickly evaporated like the early morning fog in our valley.

It seems like during the day is when my stomach hurts and not at night. Is it because the lining is irritated and the Oxycontin then masks it? Then, during the day when there is no Oxycontin, when I take the Percocet (1/2 tab) is the Oxycontin not masking the stomach pain? If there is an irritation, how long will it take to heal? Is there long lasting effects from this stomach pain?

But I decided to drop the Percocet to see if my stomach pain will go away. This is a catch 22 situation. Or should I take the Percocet and hope it might help the stomach ache go away? Is the stomach lining all irritated so no matter, it will still hurt? Why is it when I take the Oxycontin last night, I am able to sleep, This is an improvement as before I had the stomach ache at night but not as bad. Now I have them during the day. My head hurts from trying to figure this all out!!

I went and lay back down until Getty left for work and took a short nap. If I nap, that seems to help. Maybe that is the way my body is telling me to rest and heal. When my body says it’s time for a nap, I don’t fight it but go to sleep.

I woke up at lunch time and my stomach was growling so that was a good sign so I had plain spaghetti noodles with olive oil, butter and a bits of parmesan cheese. I gobbled that up and had a glass of V8. I figure V8 has to be good with all the veggies in it. I only get the V8 with low sodium in it. Dr Austin said no high sodium items so I guess that knocks out my salted, butter popcorn!!

I took the dogs for a walk. “Mr. Cutie Kael” was doing the happy dance and reminds me of his mom, Tess, so many years ago, I see a lot of Tess movements in him as it brings back fond memories of when Tess was our little puppy.

I tossed the ball for the dogs. Tess was in front with her jaws clamped on a jolly ball and Kael took it from her jaws. She whirled as if to teach the young upstart a lesson and then when she realized it was her son, she relented and let him have the ball. Dolly (a former dog) tried that once and Tess gave her a “Come to Jesus Talk” and when that lesson was over, Dolly stayed a good 10 feet away, sporting a nip on her nose and mud on her back from being rolled.

But Tess loves her puppies, no matter the age, she will let them get away with murder with her and she adores them, even Roo who is almost six years old. She always has been a great, nurturing mother to her pups and when I was sick, she mothered me too.

I let the boys run first and after the boys were done, I let Jade, Lucy and Sava go for their run. Tess and Nan led the pack and next thing I see is the pack of females in the pond covered in mud. Gosh, they are all going for a spa treatment, a Mud bath. Not wanting to make me feel like I was left out, they race over to me and shake some mud on me. I try to run away from this onslaught but to no avail. Now I have joined the Mud Pack Queens.

Back to the house after that adventure and to have a snack. The girls got a snack too and then it was nap time. My stomach was really starting to hurt and laying down felt like a good idea. Tess curled next to me and licked me every time I shifted. She knew how bad I was feeling.

Wed: I worked the girls today. Tess, Nan and Lucy were faster than Superman and their inside flanks were slicey. I guess not working very much in the last 2 months certainly shows but I can’t get mad at them.

This day was a blur as my chest and stomach hurt since I didn’t take a Perco. I took a nap and Tess made sure that I didn’t move so I wouldn’t hurt more. See my blog on Wed for more details.

Thursday: It was a cool day and summer had fled. It was going to be a busy day and it started off with a lesson with Mig the kelpie. She was doing well, clean outruns and on her last session she was working the large flock.

I sold five locker lambs today and he liked how finished out. He has an order for five more so hopefully I will just have a buyer who will buy most of my flock. He used to be a buyer but dropped off the face of the earth last year.

I topped off the afternoon by going to the Dr. Freudenberger (know as Todd) and he still finds fluid in my right lung. He is guessing about 350 ml of fluid. It is about the same amount that was in there at the last visit. I will go back to him in a month to see if reduces. It should have gone down but hasn’t. He will be concerned if more fluid accumulates.

I told him about my stomach aches and he switched me to a lesser pain pill (Vicodan). It is not as hard on my stomach so hopefully it will work. He said I could eat yogurt again so I will eat that for my dessert at night. I enjoyed my visit with Todd as he is a very outgoing and caring Doctor. Matter of fact, all the Doctors that I have had have just been wonderful,

Getty brought home some Chinese food and we feasted. My stomach didn’t hurt as well so I ate lots. I hope it is finally healing. I look forward to the night when I can eat my ice cream as my late night dessert.

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sheepkelpie said...

You need to be seen for your stomach. If there is irritation, you should be on something to help with that, because God forbid, with all the blood thinners you are on, that your irritation starts to bleed. Don't mean to scare you, but I am on an RX nsaid, and those are nothing compared to what you are on. Get thee to a Dr.