Friday, April 3, 2009

Scott Glen Clinic

I went to a Scott Glen clinic recently and as usual, had a blast. I only went one day as two days would have ovetaxed me. It was wet, windy and just cold but the company was great and Scott was informative. He spared me the quick barbs since I am still recovering but I am sure the next clinic, he will tag me. That's ok, as by then I will be totally healed up and ready for a counter attack.

Click on the pixs for a larger view.

Here are the clinic sheep. They stopped in front of the tent to give us the eye-over!!

Dick Wilson's dog doing a drive. She had a nice pace.

Kathleen's Emma. She is a vey nice dog.

Carolyn's Beth looking forlorn in hopes of obtaining a treat.

Dick and his dog on a fetch.

Emma showing us just how large her ears are....

The Roller's Meg on an outrun. Notice three of the four feet are off the ground.

Molly pushing the sheep up and then she held them for the clinic dog that was working at that time. Molly is a daughter of Tess.

Molly looking back at Becki for her next command.

We had a good time and some dogs started to learn how to drive. It was fun and the crowd was great. Nancy, Mike, Courtney, Kathleen, Janet, Monique and I were from the DeltaBluez gang. It was certainly nice to she the dogs and handlers improve. we all had a great time and very thankful to Fido's Farm for hosting this and to Scott Glen for being the clinician. Also to Jenn Glen for holding the fort down while Scott was away. Maybe someday, Scott will bring Jenn down as we all miss her!!


BCxFour said...

Oh that is a beautiful picture of Beth! I love how you caught the color of her eyes (and the sutures on the side of her face!) LOL. Thank you for posting it!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

She is quite a lovely gal and very sweet. I enjoyed hanging out with you that weekend.