Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lucy's grandmother, "Libbi"

I was rummaging around on my computer and dug up these old pictures. Libbi is Lucy's grandmother. She was one of my first dogs. She taught me a lot. She tried to be perfect and gave it her all. She was very kind to the sheep and they trusted her.

She was an awesome mother. She would adopt puppies, kittens and little orphan lambs. If I was sick, she would snuggle next to me and kiss me and tend to me as if I was a puppy.

Libbi had a single pup that was named Clue. At the same time, I has a ewe reject her lambs. I brought them into the house and they began to scream. Libbi ran to the box and licked their faces and climbed in. They quit crying. I moved them to the whelping box.

Clue, the puppy and the the two orphan lambs all grew up together. We would bottle feed them and Libbi would take care of the rest. They were clean and loved. The other house Border Collies ignored them.

When Clue was able to wander about, I would take all of them outside. Clue and the lambs would romp on the lawn while Libbi stood guard. Then they would all throw themselves into a pile and sleep.

Over the years, Libbi would adopt any orphan lamb. It didn't matter if she had pups or not. She would take them under her paw and raise them.

The lambs grew up and went to pet homes. They had a mom that took them in and loved them. Who cares their mom was a different color, let alone a different animal?

Love is a funny closes it eyes to prejudice and opens it's eyes for purity.


BCxFour said...

"Love is a funny closes it eyes to prejudice and opens it's eyes for purity."

Amen...Beautifully stated.

An English Shepherd said...

Libbi sounds like she was a lovely lady & mum.

Wizz :-)