Monday, April 20, 2009

The Jade Report

Remember DeltaBluez Jade?

Nancy had bought her a couple of months ago. It’s a great home for her and I am very happy for the both of them. I expect great things out of both of them on the trial field.

Nancy has her own blogspot and Jade was the featured blog. So below is a link to Nancy’s blog and you can see Jade progress report.

You will see that Nancy has been doing some nice work with Jade but also you will see green grass, sunshine and no mud. Jade must love that!!

Nancy, thanks for the wonderful progress report on Jade and as she posts more, I will put it as a blog posting.

Jade’s blogspot


Nancy O said...
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Nancy O said...

I looked back and I've had Jade only a month. With everything going on at the moment, I've not had much time to work her. She's showing nice progress with opening her flanks and is a willing participant.

I'll keep you posted about her progress

DeltaBluez Tess said...

You're right, it has only been a month although it seemed longer to me!! You have done really well with her and we loved the videos!!

we'll keep posting updates if you keep sending them.

p.s. Give Jade a kiss from us!!