Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heart Update and another operation

I am almost done with my heart journey. I’ve had follow up visit with my Cardiologist. The good news is the new wall is signed, sealed and delivered. That is wonderful and makes me very happy.

Now the bad news. My atria flutter is back. I had the cardio version done a few months ago and we hope that would fix it. But it didn’t and it is back.

My symptoms are I get very fatigued and my chest hurts and by the time I get home from work, I take a 2 hour nap. That is how exhausted I am. My work is not physical labor so it not wearing me out. It’s the circuits not working properly in my heart.

So I am going in for another heart procedure on May 4th. They will do a Cardic Ablation. They will go up the two veins or arteries on each side of my legs with catheters. They will also go down my jugular vein. They will study the circuits and figure out where/what to ablate. Then they will destroy the problem circuits. Hopefully that should fix it. They may have to put a pacemaker in but they won’t know until they are done. Either way, it will be done and this procedure has a 90-98% success rate.

Again, I will off work but I won’t be able to lift, toss anything about for a few days. I will have a scar on mu neck, and two legs to match the huge scar on my chest. But, hey, I will be alive. This should be the last of the “Heart Series Specials”

On a side note, I am up to 132 lbs and that is exactly where I want to be at and all other health items are great. My color is back and I am sleeping well. I have energy until late afternoon and enjoying the dogs. I feel great.

However one main/big issue has arisen since all of this heart operations has happened…I have lost how to blow my come-bye whistle. I know it was bad when Tess stopped and looked back at me and then sat down waiting for me to tell her what to do. She never sits down. She sat down and waited I told her verbally. Usually she can guess what I want but apparently my come-bye whistle was so bad, she couldn’t figure that out.

For more info on the Ablation: Article


An English Shepherd said...

Sorry to hear about your health issues. Sure things will work out.

Wizz :-)

Monique said...

Let me know if you need anything.

Robin French said...

Sorry to hear you have to have more surgery. It's great that you always have such a positive attitude though!