Monday, April 27, 2009

A Day in the Sun

We had some sun this weekend. So instead of packing everyone up to go to the beach, we had our own beach party here. Getty and I had some home made beer made by Chuck and enjoyed the nice weather. The animals got to sleep in the sun and work on their tans.

First, you must make a nice hole in the sand to wallow in. See how nice and tan she is. She was a white chicken before (just kidding)

Rigby had to get into the action. He had to roll one way and then another way.

Tess had to roll on her back to make her her white belly got some sun action. Her tongue is hanging out. Was it because she drank too much?

OK, she is passed out. Does that remind you of your college drinking days? Tess really enjoyed the sun and took a nap. She snores, too!!

The ducks had to bask in the sun too. One had to hang out on the log. If I took a nap on a log, I would fall off but he didn't!!

Jennie-O the turkey hen had to spread her wing and work on her tan too. She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Far from it. Fabio is far smarter!!

Mr Magoo and his two hens hung out near the wine barrels. These ducks are the fifth generation born on the far. Mr Magoo has taught the puppies to mind their manners. Now, as adult dogs, they are wary of him still. He taught them well.

My Guinea male and a Rhode Island red hen. The Guinea was kind enough to groom her and she enjoyed it. I guess it was a little spa action in the sun.

Red, the rooster, and his clan. As you can tell, I like red colored chickens. Everyone took a nap.

It was a nice day for all to bask in the sun. But the weekend has ended and it was back to work for everyone. Maybe that was our summer? All two days of it!!

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An English Shepherd said...

More lovely pictures, much better than the beach !

Wizz :-)