Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lambs - Part Two

Part Two of the Lambs...

Here is Matilda and her twins. Notice how she is standing near them and keeping an eye on me. Her lambs are about one week old.

Some twins just hanging out. I love how upright their ears cute!!

Big Ugly's full sister (twin) and her lambs. Again, she is a good mom and her name is Brenda.

Now isn't this lamb the cutest one, EVER!!

I guess this is what happens to you when you drink too much the night just pass out. This lamb didn't move at all.

Some more twins giving me the eye!! These lambs sure have attitude.

Ahh, I call this "First Kiss". This little boy lamb kept kissing the little ewe lamb.

See the huge ears....very good in a strong crosswind!!

The same boy lamb from a different angle. The ewe lamb was playing hard to get.

Another milkbar is open. See how huge that lamb is....she hasn't missed a meal!!

And with this last picture, the lambs bid you farewell!!

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