Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lambs - Part One

It's that time of the year where lambs abound at our farm. This year, so far we have 33 lambs. We lost one this last week to a Bald Eagle. We have had a good success rate so far.

This last Saturday when Janet and I did lamb chores, I took tons of pictures. It was sunny and a very relaxing day. Watching lambs make you realize that life is short, you need to have fun and then you take a short nap and start all over again.

This is a ewe lamb. She has a piece of hay next to her eye. She kept staring at me so I had to take a picture. All the dark face lambs are Clun Forest.

This is a Katahdin lamb. She is from one of my best ewes. We are going to keep her as she has the cutest spots. Janet picked her to stay.

A typical Clun Forest lamb with dark legs and face and sharp Arabian type of ears (upright).

Here is another view of that lamb with the straw on her head. She was taking a nap and refused to move for me.

Another one taking a snooze. Oops, woke up just in time for the photo session.

A couple of more Katahdin lambs. See how floppy their ears are compared to the Clun Forest.

Big Ugly's daughter. Big Ugly was one of my favorite ewes. I got her Patrick Shannahan and she is a Katahdin and one of my foundation ewes. Each year, she would have twins or triplets and be the best mom. She had a roman nose with spots and as you can see her daughter does too. her name is Matilda. Big Ugly lives through her daughters and granddaughters and great-granddaughters. All have the roman noses and spots.

Milkbar is open. If you look at the blog a couple of week ago, you will see the same lambs but a whole lot smaller. This is a very good ewe whose lambs are fat and very healthy.

Tomorrow....more lamb pictures.

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