Sunday, April 26, 2009


Today would have been Shiro's 16th Birthday. She passed away last year and we still miss her.

As a cute, fat, fuzzball of a puppy. Little did we know how much our lives would be changed by her. All for the better.

I did some sheepdog trialing with her. She especially enjoyed working pigs. She worked up close but had no issues in moving stock. A ram made the mistake once of ramming her into the ground. She got herself up, dusted herself off, walked to the ram, grabbed him by the nose, held his nose to the ground for a bit and growled. She let go and I think tears came to his eyes and he showed the proper respect for her. After that, he was always in the middle of the flock.

No sheep challenged her. She had the Clint Eastwood theme of "Make my day"

But her calling was a frisbee dog, Getty and Shiro did lots of shows and she competed statewide.

She was Getty's dog. I got her and a few weeks later, she was his dog. I had no say in the matter. She loved him and he loved her. They were inseperable. I swear this photo is like a "See the Family resemblence photo"

She still lives our hearts and will always be a big part of our lives.


BCxFour said...

Diane, Shiro was lovely. A lovely tribute to a wonderful friend.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

We loved her! She was a great dog and the one who got us started in Border Collies!!