Friday, April 17, 2009

Featured Rescued Border Collie - Marvin- Idaho

Marvin #762. Charmin' Marvin that is...Merry Christmas my foot.

It was brutally cold and the day after Christmas that some cat friends and I were dumped out in a remote area of Northern Idaho near some mail boxes. So I hung out there and sure enough here came a lady, well being the friendly fellow I am and needing some attention I just followed her home. She tried to let me come into the house but her other critters would have no part of that. So she made me a warm bed outside and kept me fed, paid me lots of attention and tried to find where I belonged.

No one knew of me and since she had no fence I went visiting from time to time and one neighbor made threats to shoot me, so to help me be safe and find a loving home she brought me to the rescue folks.

Heck of a tale for a 6-7 month old fellow, eh? (I'm now about 10 months old) Well I've wowed them here, I use the doggie door to go outside to do my business, I like when people come to visit, snuggles and playing with all the other doggers here. I even like sleeping in my warm crate on my snuggly blanket.

I'm your typical Border Collie fellow, I have lots of energy and lots of interest in herding things. I would be a good prospect if you want to learn to trial sheep. I also have an off button when I need to settle down in the house, as long as I've had enough play time.

I'd love a family who would do things with me and let me be a part of the gang, you know, hanging out and all. Gramma laughs and says I have a puppy "ear" thing going on and who knows where they will end up. But they love me a lot here so are looking for a home who will teach me how to be a great dog. I've got all my shots, been wormed, am neutered and micro chipped.

Keep in mind this is a young dog who will need you to teach him proper behaviours to be a fun adult and you'll need to make a commitment of care, training and love for 12-15 years.

You would need to travel to Northern Idaho to meet Marvin. We are sending applications out for him, will then gather several before we begin the selection process. Please Email (phoning can delay the process) for an application if you have interest in adopting Marvin.

Inland Northwest Rescue

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